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Information Not Advice


All information contained throughout the Lanleigh® Capital website (the Site) is provided to you (the users of the Site or potential investors) as a matter of interest only. The information is general in nature and does not consider or take into account any of your personal objectives, circumstances, or financial needs. The information is not and does not constitute (and is not to be construed as) legal, financial (or financial product), investment, or tax advice, nor a recommendation (either expressly or by implication) with respect to any investment managed by Lanleigh® Capital, including whether it is suitable for your investment needs.

When considering an investment in a Fund produced and/or managed by Lanleigh® Capital, potential investors should obtain their own separate and independent financial and tax advice from appropriate experts as part of their assessment of the information contained in the Site (and any relevant disclosure documents provided), prior to submitting an application to invest. Investors must rely in every respect on their own independent investigation, enquiries, and appraisals in connection with an investment in a Fund managed by Lanleigh® Capital, before deciding to invest.

The site has been prepared by the Investment Manager, Lanleigh® Capital Pty Ltd (ABN 19 604 537 260), for informational purposes only. Neither Lanleigh® Capital nor the Trustee of the Funds managed by Lanleigh® Capital, Lanleigh® Prudential Pty Ltd (ACN 620 864 682), nor any of their directors or associates, is or should ever be expected or obligated to provide financial or other advice or recommendation to you at any point in time, before, during, or after the entire duration of your usage of the Site and/or investment in a SKYLARK™ Fund. Furthermore, neither the Investment Manager nor the Trustee (nor any of their directors or associates) is or should be expected or is required to be qualified to provide any such or other advice or recommendation, and no unqualified financial or other advice or recommendation is or has ever been (or was ever intended to be) provided to you, express or implied.


For more information, please refer to the relevant sections of the Website Terms of Use.

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