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Lanleigh® Capital is an established investment management company based in Adelaide, South Australia, with more than two decades of experience and sophistication. Our principal focus is that of investing and trading in global Futures on behalf of Wholesale, Professional, and Sophisticated investor clients.


We specialise in the development and management of advanced algorithmic trading and investment systems implemented on behalf of the investors. Our proprietary systems seek to generate highly-competitive, above-market investment returns atypical of a risk averse profile, whilst striving to maintain one at all times. The systems comprise highly optimised analytical strategies for trading and investing in global Futures and other derivatives on major licensed exchanges worldwide. These strategies are primarily deployed via sophisticated algorithms running on colocated exchange servers in direct proximity to the matching engines of the exchange.


The culmination, exclusive to our investor clients, is advanced, progressive managed futures investment solutions on the cutting edge.


SKYLARK™ is an advanced algorithmic futures trading system developed by Lanleigh® Capital. Comprising highly optimised analytical strategies, the functional objective of SKYLARK™ is the preservation and proliferation of investment capital through the consistent generation and compounding of positive investment returns.


SKYLARK™ is deployed by Lanleigh® Capital on behalf of investors in its self-managed SKYLARK™ Funds. The Funds seek maximum capital proliferation each quarter and over the long-term in general, and on a safer, more efficient, and more consistent basis than other investment prospects. The objective is to high returns not typical of a risk averse profile, while striving to maintain one at all times. Irrespective of the nature, direction, or performance of any underlying benchmark, the Funds pursue a long-term objective of distinctly high and competitive returns on investment with a view to outperforming the underlying market, primary benchmark indices, the Australian cash rate of interest, and competing investment alternatives each quarter...

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